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My Journey into Photography: My Story

Almost two decades ago, my love affair with photography began in the most unexpected way – with a simple snapshot of my baby looking out the window. Like every new mom, I found myself capturing moments of my little one's journey every day. Yet, there was something about this particular image that stirred my soul. It wasn't just a photo; it felt like a piece of art to me, beautifully capturing a moment of innocence and wonder.

At the time, I wasn't employed, but that didn't deter me from exploring the possibility of turning my newfound passion into a profession. Armed with nothing more than a basic film camera and my trusty cell phone, I delved into the internet, eager to learn how to turn this hobby into a career. Surprisingly, I discovered a multitude of opportunities online.

My journey officially began when Lifetouch, a school photography company. They took a chance on me despite my lack of experience. I will forever be indebted to them for opening the doors to this incredible world of photography. They not only provided me with a platform to hone my skills but also instilled in me a solid foundation in posing, lighting, and camera settings. To this day, I cherish the friendships forged with my managers and coworkers during my time there.

Excited, I embarked on my next adventure – working with various wedding companies as a contracted photographer. Each wedding I photographed brought with it a tapestry of cultural experiences, from the grandeur of Indian weddings spanning over a week to the elegance of Chinese ceremonies and the vibrancy of African celebrations. Even the opulence of American weddings left me in awe, each one a unique testament to love and commitment.

As I reflect on nearly two decades behind the lens, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible journey I've had and the amazing clients who have supported and believed in me along the way. While I've never been one to boast or flaunt my work, this month marks a turning point – a moment to celebrate how far I've come and the relationships that have sustained me throughout my career.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing a selection of my favorite moments from the past, each one a cherished memory captured through my lens. Here's to almost 20 years of loving what I do and to the exciting adventures that lie ahead. Thank you for being a part of my story.

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