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Sneak Peak of Paige's Photo Shoot

(2010 post)

I recently took some cool pictures with my friend Paige, and it was so much fun! Paige is awesome because she can do lots of different looks and attitudes, and she totally rocked all of them!

I had three ideas for our photos: one where Paige looked like a serious business person, another where she could be playful and happy, and one where she was super stylish. And guess what? Paige totally nailed all of them!

For the business photos, Paige looked really professional and confident. She made it seem easy!

Then, we did the stylish photos, and Paige looked like a fashion model. She was so classy and fashionable, it was great!

Finally, we did the fun photos, and Paige was hilarious! She did all these funny poses and made us all laugh!

Throughout the whole time, Paige was excited to try new things and was always smiling. She made the photo shoot really special.

Thank you Paige for being such an amazing model. You're the best!

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